Sure is nice.

Pandora equates the Bee Gees with Donald Fagan solo stuff (Morph The Cat). Nice to hear that  CD even though I have it at home. All my CDs are on the floor in piles. “Christmas without the chintzy stuff…”

Have you ever visited

My co-worker Meechee has one of those dancing Santas that dance and sing when you press the button. I made the mistake this morning. It sings some seasonal lyrics to the tune of “La Vida Loca” for an excruciating 3 verses and choruses.  When you’re in an irony-challenged office like mine, with everyone’s head bowed down in reverence to their own malaise, even a chaos-loving dude like me starts to get a little uncomfortable when that third verse kicks in…


The culprit.

The Meechee. My Christmas girlfriend.


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2 thoughts on “Sure is nice.

  1. Morrighan says:

    MeeChee is totally cool 🙂 I heard the Santa yesterday – cringed and pleaded with someone, anyone to put it out of it’s misery.

    Die – Evil Santa – Die!

  2. Lemme see…..what happens if i press THIS:

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