Zecret Zanta

A $5 limit has me bewildered. I was thinking a simple, small, elegant white box with a bullet and a bloody-spackled tissue inside and a small fortune-cookie type note with “You’re next” scribbled on it. Have you seen the price of bullets?

Maybe a 1 GB zip drive filled with pictures of kids with distended abdomens, bullets (natch), and perhaps…um…various abattoirs from early 20th century England.  And an MP3 of children at a playground.

Why is Christmas so expensive?

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12 thoughts on “Zecret Zanta

  1. casey says:

    video cassette recorded with episodes of Dawson’s Creek from 2002. And porn.

  2. Same thing. ZING!!!!!!

  3. Strange how that came to you so quickly. What about a fetal pig? A prostitute’s finger nail?

    i wish squirming eels with x-ray eyes were cheaper.

  4. casey says:

    Erotic Tales – Naughty Coworker. Only 99 cents — you can get the companion book Erotic Tales – Family Values.


  5. HA!!!!

    Product Description
    Erotic Tales is a series of naughty, erotic tales published in multiple volumes. This volume contains ‘Naughty Coworker’ a tale of a young man having a steamy encounter with a busty, mature coworker.

    This is priceless on so many levels, but reasonably priced on one! Busty. Mature.

  6. I so bow to you.

    Maybe a barbie doll head. With pop-up streamers for spine. An abandoned bird nest. Your hair.

  7. casey says:

    how about an original watercolor painting of a robot with poopy finger?

  8. casey says:


    Of course this is too expensive, so you’ll have to DIY:

  9. I showed it to the fellow. he, too, bows to your greatness. But the original is MINE!!!!!!

    A candy-corn Klansman. A postcard with an unidentifiable stain. A discarded spare rib. An “IOU” for one groin-punch. To be delivered upon reading.

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