Still sick. Here’s the answer.

Which famous recording star covered “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield,  “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry, “Claudette” by Roy Orbison,  “Every Day” by Buddy Holly, and recorded multiple albums with Elvis Presley‘s rhythm section?


Why none other than our friend John Denver! My sister told me once that he was impotent. Why?


5 thoughts on “Still sick. Here’s the answer.

  1. Rick says:

    “Poems,Prayers,And Promises” by John Denver was one of my first albums in life(that or the Partridge Family).I still like it. From what i’ve read, the late John Henry Deutchendorf was actually a pretty cool cat.Liked to smoke dope and mow his lawn naked.Never read anything about him having a limp noodle though.

  2. Duncan Walls says:

    I excluded him from the running because you mentioned him just prior! Silly me!

    On his first solo tour in the spring of 1970 (just after Boise, Johnson & Denver ceased to exist) he came to R.I.T in Rochester, NY. I was away at college but my sister and brother were home and being ‘babysat’ (they were in their teens) by a couple of college students from RIT (where my father was the Director of Student Activities and the guy who signed the contracts for the school. My parents were away at a conference when Denver appeared at RIT, but the students watching my siblings were on the concert committee and took my sis & bro to the concert and afterwards brought John and his guitar player Paul P. back to my home where they had wine and smoked the first dope ever in my house. A few years later I discovered that a musical buddy of mine. Bob Schwartz had also been there and had a picture to prove it.
    He remained John’s friend through the years abd was the fourth person called when John’s plane went down. Sadly Bob was stricken by cancer and died in 1999. I did receive a copy of the picture that I used in a rejected mockup of a posthumous CD I produced of Bob’s leftover tapes. It was sent to the graphic artist that did the final cover and perhaps was returned to Bob;s widow. I’m still waiting for it’s return. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to share it on my own soon to be revived blog….

  3. Rick, my sister was clearly in the pipeline of all the great, intimate details of rock and roll. How could she be wrong????

    Duncan, see how deceptive I am? What a great story!!Your blog payout is superior to my own, but that’s not my strong suit.

    When you say “they had wine and smoked the first dope ever in my house.” do you mean it was the first time pot was smoked in your house? Or the first time John Denver smoked it?

  4. Rick says:

    Just like The Warren Commission said…”we never said there wasn’t a conspiracy,we said we didn’t find any evidence of one.”…The late Gerald (Why do I keep falling upward?) R. Ford

  5. Duncan Walls says:

    It was the first time in my house. I didn’t find out about the whole deal until later in that summer when some student at RIT told me (over another bowl he and I were finishing). I was annoyed that I hadn’t been the one to christen the house (so to speak).

    My other buddy told me Denver LOVED to smoke pot. He remained John’s friend for the r4eat of both of their lives. He wrote a parody of ‘Thank God I’m A Country Boy” called ‘Thank God I’m A Milliomaire’ and played it for Denver, who loved it,,,but not as much as his road crew did! It’s on the CD I produced.

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