A long weekend. I am sick as a dog.

Here’s John Denver in a video from 1985. Little known fact: The model in this video went on to have a torrid affair off camera with Denver as well. Just kidding.

The guy who co-wrote this song also co-wrote “Mandy“, “Looks Like We Made It” and “Somewhere in the Night”, all hits for Barry Manilow. This song, though, just kinda lays there. Mostly due to Denver’s tepid vibrato.

Did I say “Mandy”? The original version was called “Brandy”.  Co-written by Kerr and the singer Scott English. Here ’tis.

This same Scott English co-wrote “Bend Me, Shape Me“, which became a hit for the Chicago-based band The American Breed.

Here’s that thing:

If it wasn’t for THAT band, there would never have been THIS band (three core members, including the drummer who appears in both of these, formed Rufus.)

That song was written by Stevie Wonder (whose clavinet is also featured on the studio recording.) Wonder also wrote and performed on this with his wife. On the same album as the first video.

Technically, this is also Rufus. Written by David “Hawk” Wolinski in 1983. I loves me some ebony goddesses, but Chaka was really starting to put away the nougat at this point.

Wolinski also co-wrote this for Chicago in 1977. If you hear the studio version, the preach at the end is performed by none other than Chaka Kahn herself.But in this version, that ex-bass playing Peter Cetera has a go at it.


Bonus question: Which famous recording star covered “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield,  “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry, “Claudette” by Roy Orbison,  “Every Day” by Buddy Holly, and recorded multiple albums with Elvis Presley‘s rhythm section?





2 thoughts on “A long weekend. I am sick as a dog.

  1. Duncan Walls says:

    hmmm…the only logical artist who used Presley’s rhythm section…(is that Ron Tutt on drums and…can’t think of the bass player…I can get Glen Hardin on piano and James Burton on guitar)
    and might fit that description are Emmylou Harris or The Everly Brothers. Hmmm, Glen Campbell? Okay, I give up! Good question!
    I like your degrees of separation concept…

  2. # James Burton – guitar
    # Glen D. Hardin – piano
    # Jerry Scheff – bass
    # Jerry Carrigan – drums

    Don’t give up!!!

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