Whatever happened to Cory and the Fins?

This song does nothing for me, but this video has 4 million hits, and I can only guess it’s because the singer might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.


“Buck, why can’t you call up those nice Scintas and be in their band?”

With Bootsy:

Ah. Some sherbet for your palate.


6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Cory and the Fins?

  1. Yeah, you didn’t mind when he was abusing his kids, but THIS put you over the edge?

  2. Agreed. By the way, yer mother’s Clooney smells like Rosemary.

  3. Didn’t you see the Hot Chocolate cover of “Give Peace a Chance”? THAT should have called John’s sanity into question.

  4. Duncan Walls says:

    I don’t know what moved my bowels more: The Scintas or Bing? the bum bum bum just before the brassy finish finished ,me.This was on his last LP released during the last year of his life so he got what he had coming. I MIGHT be better than Mitch Miller’s version of Give Peace A Chance. At least Hot Chocolate’s version was done when the song was VERY new (and they weren’t the disco group they were 5 years later).
    The Scintas were regulars here in Rochester, also. If ever euthanasia needed to be applied…this was not music, nor was it intended to be. It’s barely entertainment…more like Belle Barth & Rusty Warren boobie records.

  5. Dawg, Jimmy Crackourne and I are from Buffalo. My wife is from the Rochacha. She grew up (eh) on Pearwood. I love me some Rusty Warren but never heard of the other. You ain’t lived until you’ve heard the Norman Luboff Choir singing “I Just Want To Make Love To You”. Makes Foghat sound like….well…good.

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