Sunday Morning Ritual Spoiled

I record SNL every Saturday night and watch every Sunday morning. This show past featured The Arcade Fire, possibly the worst band I’ve ever heard. Overrated to the extreme, watching them reminded me of “The Zack Attack” from Saved By The Bell. A mere passing acquaintance with (and seeming fear of) the instruments that had been thrust into their hands only moments before air time. Their lead singer reminded me of Steve Buscemi‘s turn as Tony’s anemic cousin in The Sopranos.  I have no issue with bands that play their own music competently, even if that music doesn’t appeal to me. However, The Arcade Fire is what happens when enough people are convinced that they need to be a part of something…anything….in their own lives that gives them a feeling of riding the zeitgeist. As my old friend Jean Allen used to say, “Hate……HATE…”

However, if my 9 year old daughter continues her passing interest in piano lessons for another month or so, she, too, can be a rock star. So there’s that.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ritual Spoiled

  1. Duncan Walls says:

    Boy I have to agree with you on Arcade Fire. WAY overrated. I’m 59 and STILL into a lot of music (though my needle goes back in time more than forward) and I’m sorry but this is shit compared to let’s say Fleet Foxes or even the last Los Lobos. Something to be said for age & wisdom, that’s for sure. I enjoy your blog immensely

  2. Thank you.

    I’ve heard song-poems that are more interesting, less contrived. They are merely the logical extension of the band “Cotton Candy” featuring Charles Martin Smith.

    Here, look at this:

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