I feel all funny….down there…

If I were to say which question I get asked most, it would have to be “Why are you in my living room with a lamb shank?” but second would definitely be “What kind of girl do you like?”

Well, she’s kinda boyish:

But flexible. Definitely flexible:

Look at these videos from a bygone era. I never thought I’d see this one, Check out that funky little bass player, not playing the bass:

Unfortunate reunions:

Byrds without Crosby (that reunion happened in 1973 and sucked as well…he was one smart Walrus.)

Hollies reunion:

Two huge icons of the sixties. What could go wrong?

This was cool. Especially the applause upon emergence.


3 thoughts on “I feel all funny….down there…

  1. I don’t think it’s the same girl, but her shorts look like the Wonder Bread wrapper motif. Maybe she’s got a yeast infection!!!

  2. I’d spread my me-nut butter.

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