When a dirty man of the cloth says he “needs help”…

…he’s really saying “I need help hiding my tracks better…” because if he never gets caught, he’ll never seek help, right? All these pious perverts are the same. Do what you want with your cock-n-balls, but stop telling other people how to live, asshole.

NOVEMBER 8–A Catholic priest charged with stealing $83,000 from his Massachusetts parish spent a large portion of the money on his pornography habit, according to police.

Rev. Keith LeBlanc, 59, was removed earlier this year from his pastor’s post at St. John the Baptist Church in the face of an investigation by the Archdiocese of Boston. That review (and a subsequent police probe) determined that LeBlanc used church funds to pay for online porn and pay-per-view adult movies ordered from the St. John’s rectory…(more here)

And here’s another story about these boy-touching fuck-ups.


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