From my teenage basement band to Kanye West.

The song “You Could Have Been a Lady” was written and performed by the band Hot Chocolate, which began life as The Hot Chocolate Band, and got signed to Apple Records because John Lennon liked this:

I played this song in bands in my early teens, but I had never actually heard the song itself until…now. I was taught which chords to play, and I played them on the old Hait guitar with the bass cranked up and the treble cut, usually through a PA speaker so it sounded like a giant AM radio. Listen to the lead guitar figure in this song. This lead sound would become very familiar as the decade went on and Hot Chocolate’s hits piled up.

And here’s the version released a year later by April Wine, a huge hit in their native Canada, and obviously it crept into the Great Lakes area as well, hence me learning it.

Our version sounded nothing like either of these. I think it’s a terrible song.

April Wine went from local heroes to international rock stars when they had the balls to released this:

which is a cover of this:

which leads us to The Kanye West video I posted before.



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