You bought it with money you don’t have…

by “pepimartinez” off the HuffPo comments section, but it’s how I feel as well.


“The poor and the lower-middle class vote for Republicans because “one day, that could be me, and I want to keep what I earn. It’s MY money”. Well YOUR money is dwindling because the top 2% is putting the financial burden on the other 98%, while buying bigger and better toys and not investing a damn thing back into the country.

All the labor goes overseas, all their extra money goes back on wall street, where the game is fixed, the results are in, and they’re winning as the wealth gap gets bigger and bigger. That’s how stock prices soar, and our GDP goes up, but unemployment stays the same.

If you’re in the lower or middle class and voted republican, you bought what they were selling. You ordered the sham-wow off the infomercial, but the product won’t meet the promises. The only problem for the rest of us is you’ll keep voting against your best interests, probably make Obama a one term president, and bring the rest of us down with you because you don’t care that your neighbors unemployed and your brothers/sisters kids can’t get a good education because you just bought some new infomercial piece of junk you’ll throw away with your extra $500″


4 thoughts on “You bought it with money you don’t have…

  1. Lyle Lascelle says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh, wait, maybe I can: Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, stop reading the paper. You’ll never feel better.

  2. What about the computer?

    Lyle, you’re a great man and I miss you.

  3. Lyle Lascelle says:

    I use the PC for work, and getting answers. Yesterday, I Googled ‘New York State Seal’. Fascinating.
    I also use it to stay in touch with my dearest long-distance friends.

    Whether you know it or not, you possess greatness.

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