It’s “Mismatch Day” here at the old office.

Saw an old friend this morning.  It was nice.

Someone from the executive branch of our office came around to see if any of us were playing along with “Mismatch Day”. Those puppy eyes settled on my cubicle, but all I could offer was “I present a friendly facade, but I feel contempt for everyone.” WHY WON’T THEY PROMOTE ME?!?!?!?

Last night’s election was proof that people are ever so easily manipulated into following the brightest lights, the loudest noises, the shiniest hair, ultimately in direct opposition to what would actually make their own lives better. Congrats, you fucking ignorant cattle.



2 thoughts on “It’s “Mismatch Day” here at the old office.

  1. Michelle says:

    Gil- I am so disappointed because of the election last night! I don’t understand how people think. Are there that many STUPID Americans- or did the Democrats just not show up to vote this time- (which would also make them stupid) Now all I hear is people talking about Palin for Pres in 2012- Mike and I both agreed- if she wins- we move to Canada!

  2. It’s inconceivable. her being elected President would certainly be accompanied by an enormous vortex sucking Western Civilization into it’s gaping maw.

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