“Why Join A Church?”

So reads the cover of a pamphlet my father-in-law gave me this weekend. And I agree. Why bother?

I like the movie “Revolutionary Road” because I love Kate Winslet and I also happen to think that Michael Shannon could be this generation’s Christopher Walken.

You can’t do anything about head-to-head hits in the NFL except make punishments harsher. If you take it out of the game, it loses its gladiator aspect—the omnipresent threat of real danger. And then people stop coming. Men are bigger, stronger, faster. George Halas should have known this was coming.

While it is true that no one cares in the least, I am excited to begin planning my next CD. I have worked out the details with my team, and hopefully will start work in January. The one thing in this world that I do for me and me alone. Except nap.

Someone explain Ween to me. I’ve been watching their stuff on YouTube and simply don’t get it. Oh I get it now. If I say I don’t get it, it’s because it’s beyond me and if I say I do get it, it can safely be supposed that I either don’t really get it or that I’m too cool to admit that I do get it, in which case I’m lying. Sorta like the Grateful Dead.

If someone seems really dull in your normal life, chances are they’re even moreso when tey reveal their Facebook self to you.

My favorite musical is “Company”.

Mr Show With Bob and David” was the funniest show in the history of television, bar none. Jack Black, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Silverman, Tom Kenney, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and so many more all got their start on that show. Think of how much television and film has been influenced by these great talents, and they all came from one insanely funny program that died before its time. How many programs keep going and going well beyond their shelf-life for the sake of sheer greed?  Yet “Mr. Show” lived for about 3 seasons .

Now you can go fuck yourself.


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