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I used to believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry in the context of civil unions, thinking that we had no right to tell the church that they had to marry people they didn’t want to marry. But I’ve changed my mind. I think that any constraints on marriage based on sexuality alone is discrimination that should not be tolerated. And I am by no means a big fan of Sarah Silverman, but she’s absolutely 100 percent correct when she says:

I was wrong about gay marriage. Any time we tell people in America that they cannot do or be something merely because of what they are, because of what they do in their private lives, without hurting anyone, it hurts all of us, little by little, until there’s nothing left. I don’t care if you think homosexuality is a choice (really, who would choose such a thing in this supposedly “enlightened” society?). Even if it is, two consenting adults should be able to enjoy the freedoms that others enjoy. Of course, getting married is a freedom. BEING married isn’t, AMIRITE?!?!?!?

People can be accurately judged by how they feel about the freedoms of others.

“Sanctity of marriage” is a laughable conceit. 50% of all marriages end in betrayal, despair and bitterness. Marriage is like a good dominatrix. The concept is appealing enough, but the reality is that it’s painful, unnatural, and costs a fuckload of money to extricate one’s self from.  Now I’m talking about marriage, not commitment, which I like.

What does it mean that we need marriage to maintain commitment? What would happen, dear reader, if marriage were made illegal? Unrecognized? Would society fall apart?

What, exactly, do you think is holding society together?


One thought on “Game Air Edge

  1. Morrighan says:

    You know my views on marriage. For some it works great and people spend 50+ years with one person – it just hasn’t worked for me. Society, I think, is held together by some moral value, some tiny amount of integrity, and by the the laws and regulations that we are instructed to live by. If you outlaw marriage it would just save the general population money with having to go through an expensive divorce later on. However, I think it would also royally fuck up one of the largest tax bases for the government. One definitely does not need marriage to maintain a commitment.

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