Man Against Mauve – Drive Away

Here’s another one from WBNY‘s 33 West show. 1987.

“Drive Away” (1986) was written about my ex-girlfriend. She and I spent most of our “together time” at her house, watching MTV, waiting for her mother to go sleepies, and then delving deeply into the world of neophyte carnality. Oh, it was sugar. Sweet, sweet sugar, I tells yez. However, she soon learned to drive. And her new-found freedom meant new friends, new experiences, and not much of the fun we had so enjoyed. So I wrote a song-cycle called “Mary and the Monster”. Do you have my second CD, “Our Deepest Apathy…”? The song “Downtown” is from that song-cycle. The songs therein were supposed to tell the story of our courtship, coupling, corrosion, and collapse. All I wanted in the world, once I was finished with it, was for her to hear it. I put a copy in her mailbox. And even though I’ve seen her a few times since then, I still have no idea if she’s heard it all the way through.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhow, my friends in music thought it was pretty good, and I was able to take pride in it as well, once the searing pain of a humiliating break-up wore off a bit. So I formed a band to play it live, thinking it was a good starting point. A set of original music ready to go. That’s how Dave, Paul, Jeff and I got down to the business of being rock stars. “Drive Away” was about her finding her freedom at my expense.

The truth of the matter is that I was absolutely at fault as much as she was.

It’s a good song by a good band. I hope you like this and the other offerings from this, our big TV breakout.



3 thoughts on “Man Against Mauve – Drive Away

  1. Mike says:

    Mr. N. – do you have copies of said Mary and the Monster and other Gilbert Neal classics?

  2. yes. i wiil upload them soon

  3. […] radio circa 1987. If you’re a fan of this blog, you’ve seen some footage of my band Man Against Mauve playing in the lobby of the station itself. I had my own three hour show as a freshman. From 3-6 […]

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