The “Laugh In” experience…

“You know, I like a little nip before dinner. So I got a Japanese house-boy.”  -JoAnn Worley, Laugh In ’69

The show “Laugh-in” was a vague memory from my early, early youth. EARLY! I wasn’t even born yet! However, the way it was reverently cited as the official show of the counter-culture was an accepted truth. As it turns out, that was not so. In its heyday, it was every bit as popular and influential as American Idol.  . Here’s a couple interesting tidbits about that program, including a wonderful blog post on the WFMU site. Then there’s some music recorded by the cast, and also some music by some contemporary musicians (and Freddie Cannon, a faded star by that time. Was he trying to be “hip”? He recorded for Buffalo’s own Amherst Records for a brief time.)  Then there’s the album “The Hexorcist”, featuring the cast that presided over the death throes of that once towering TV powerhouse.

An excellent article on the ties between Laugh-In and Richard Nixon can be found here. WFMU is wonderful. Their blog is one of my favorites.

And here’s a great snapshot of the musical zeitgeist that followed the show’s break-out. Scroll down to “Session 211”. Again, link to this fellow’s site—I get lots of great music here.

Here’s ‘The Hexorcist” if you want to buy it. My mother did.


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