That old “perfect world…”–Riffing on a Saturday—full of lamb shank.

Overlooked, and almost taboo for a long time, was the great role that Germans and Russians played in building my home town, Buffalo, NY.

In a perfect world, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. Why DID it happen? Please provide proof.

In a perfect world, there would be no illegal immigration. Why IS THERE illegal immigration? In a perfect world we could just round them all up and send them all back and tell them to get in line with the other good folks who are filling out the right forms and shit. I can totally get behind people being deported for breaking the law. However, we must first discover the “why”. I think the answer has everything to do with the fact that this country has only thrived in earnest when there’s been a modicum of slavery endorsed. Nay, encouraged. Without slaves, we don’t get to be a world bully…er…power. And without illegal immigrants making next to nothing to support their families, prices on almost everything would skyrocket, just like with the first influx of immigrant labor and child labor during the “golden age” of the late 19th century. Yeah, I know I’m no historian, but it seems like there’s always been a class system driving things in regards to this economy. There’s always been an underclass. First it was slaves, then women, then immigrants, then children, then the middle class finally took off with the advent of the unions. Coincidence?

And now you can hear a pin drop when the tea-baggers rev up their Sturm und Drang regarding illegal immigration and then you turn the mics on the politicians on the left and (mostly) the right. They and their constituents (the tea party has no constituents at the moment, just fans) aren’t so keen on that noise because they know how the modern slavery drives their economies as well.

We’ve always had slaves, don’t you know? We’re the “greatest country on Earth”, and we’ve always had disposable people. When people tell me that unions have run their course and that they’re too top-heavy to survive and too corrupt to last, I feel like they’re essentially ignoring their own government’s sins.  Name an industry or business or bank as big as the unions once were that DON’T have corruption and unwieldy infrastructure. Then go to Walmart and find something that wasn’t made in China or Honduras. Then give your money for it. You can wave all the fucking misspelled signs that you want, but until you all start voting en masse with your wallets, nothing’s ever going to change.

My point today is that the unions were the one thing that were powerful enough to build a middle class and eradicate the tendency for big business to treat people like disposable diapers. If you bought that Reagan-era bullshit, you’re willfully blind or tragically stupid. The rise of the unions was the last great revolution in this country. We need it again. A little more economic jingoism wouldn’t hurt, either. Oh wait. Protectionism. Dirty word. So we asked for this problem. By glutting ourselves on cheap labor and produce and beef and chicken. It’s too late to turn back now. We need to offer amnesty to everyone in the country, legally or not, and start over in regards to immigration policy. Not one terrorist has ever entered the USA via the Mexican border. Not one. Ever. Aren’t there other things we need to take care of?

We also need more atheists in political office. Why is that so far-fetched?


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