Some day…

Some day I will find the appropriate time and place and audience to bust out my literally perfect impersonation of Frank Sinatra singing a swingin’ version of “Jungle Fever“, as well as my wonderful soliloquy as Rush Limbaugh describing his experiences as a summer camp doormat. But alas.

I’ve written, more or less, two one-man shows. I pitched one to the folks at a local theater and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I think it would be hilarious, but does anyone really care about Clay Aiken anymore?  The show was called “Call Me Clay” and it dealt with a young tough who acts out violently at everyone and everything until he discovers high school theater. The tag line on the poster was to be “We called him Clay, yet HE molded US…”

The other one is about Rush Limbaugh and his struggle to maintain his sanity and his love life while pretending to the rest of the world to be a right-wing asshole of mammoth proportions. The airport inspection scene is not to be missed. Musical numbers, a love affair with his Guatemalan mistress, etc.etc. All copy-written, all ready to go at one time.

My point is that I’ve got a lot more stuff I want to do but it’s hard to take that first step, ya know.

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