I’m stupid, maybe.

Explain Eminem to me.

Last night I was literally too bored to move, and the TV found its way to something called “Eminem Takeover” which featured nothing but Eminem videos. Torture. Someone explain how this ridiculous piece of ego:

is any less laughable than this:

or any less sad. Note that the Eminem “song” features the standard sensitive female singer chord progression. So pretty much the rock-bottom lazy LCD (lowest common denominator) with string bed underneath to make it (shudder) DRAMATIC. It’s shit. I’m worse off for having seen it. So explain this guy’s popularity.

Explain Beyonce to me. Some twisted marketing campaign to turn a pretty good singer into some kind of faux diva (she’s not a diva..in fact, this guy was more of a diva than she ever was or will be. Go to 6:30 into it and he explains.) with “attitude”. In reality, she’s not fit to mop Aretha’s flop sweat.

It’s too bad our standards are so low, and that there’s nothing that separates the real with the fake. I can’t watch Palladium without looking for disparity between what is being projected sonically and what I am seeing.

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