Unless I get what I want, I’m going to burn this bible. And this flag. And this bible wrapped in a flag. And this flag made out of bibles. Flag.

First, I want the systematic, aggressive sexual abuse, condoned by the church at its highest level (or lowest), to stop. Read this. What kind of god lets this happen?

I want all our fighting men and women OUT of Afghanistan.

I want all US forces currently occupying (there’s no other word for it) foreign lands in Europe and Asia and elsewhere to be returned home.

I want that fucked-up nutjob in Florida (Florida, natch) to burn all the Qurans he wants. And I want the “mosque” to be built right where the folks who own the land want it.  Super-size that fucker. Who cares? It’s not hurting you. By the way, it’s not really a mosque. Cultural center goes up. Florida fucktard gets pissed, announces he’s burning Qurans. Why is he being admonished? Because, in this act, he will endanger US troops. REMOVE THE TROOPS!!!!! Now!

We are the victims of a cultural and ethical hijacking which is being fed like a fire by the fear and hatred of a loud few. We’re not free. We’re cheap.

I want mandatory good coffee in every office in America. Do you know that people in most of the big coffee exporters drink tea more than coffee?

I want “What’s The Matter With Kansas” to be mandatory high school reading material. I want IQ tests for people who are of voting age. I demand intellectual accountability. No more “feelings” in politics.

I want Barack Obama to stop reaching across the aisle unless it’s to smack someone. I still love him, but I gotta say—political parties are going to be the death of the true and good. How much more evidence do you need that the right only obstructs to be obstructive and not for any sort of dedication to their oaths?

If you ever want to see this bible again, you’ll give me what I ask. Do you want proof that I have it here? Here, I’ll put it on:

“mgfgmmfffgmm…..thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with…” SHUT UP!!!!!

Now, do we understand each other?

Oh, and I also want a date with that one CNN chick. I don’t KNOW her name. Just bring me any of ’em. No, that’s Candy Crowley.


3 thoughts on “Unless I get what I want, I’m going to burn this bible. And this flag. And this bible wrapped in a flag. And this flag made out of bibles. Flag.

  1. Rick says:

    I miss Bella Shaw.Nobody lied to me like she did.

  2. gilbert neal says:

    She looks like a whooer.

    Now THIS is a woman.

  3. gilbert neal says:

    Of the famous New York Crackournes???? I am honored!!! I guess I take free coffee for granted. You’ve shown me the way.

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