Men’s Room Political Missives.

Two nattily adorned signs, fresh from someone’s PC to the inside of the men’s room stall doors.

“Please use aersol [sic] can before leaving”

“Be kind leave nothing behind [sic]. Flush before you leave.”

I love my job. By “love”, I mean “need”.


5 thoughts on “Men’s Room Political Missives.

  1. Morrighan says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how adult men and women seem to have the inability to adhere to the most basic principles of public restroom use. The utterly repulsive things I see sends me running to the only other restroom that is hidden away in my building and most people don’t think about using 🙂 The suggestion to spray before leaving is hilarious since when I’m usually ready to leave whatever unpleasant odor that arrived has since vanished. (Courtesy flushes rule!) . The other however, should be something that never requires a reminder. Can we just say, “Ewww”?

  2. gilbert neal says:

    I’m more focused on the broken engrish and terrible punctuation throughout my office in regards to public declarations. Like at the coffee machine. Hang on. Lemme go look.

  3. gilbert neal says:

    To wit: “Is the coffee good to the last drop! Try making a pot.”

  4. Morrighan says:

    There used to be signs on the microwaves that said, “Please cover a wrap.” Every time I used one of them I couldn’t help but chuckle.

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