What is the stupidest thing you feel you’ve ever been disciplined for in the workplace? (a survey)

This is a concept I’m curious about, especially the people around my age (29).

What is the stupidest thing you feel you’ve ever been disciplined for in the workplace?

Please visit the blog and post your answer!


13 thoughts on “What is the stupidest thing you feel you’ve ever been disciplined for in the workplace? (a survey)

  1. Not around your age – but – I was reprimanded for saying “I” instead of “we” when referring to a partner update (email) I had written — was told I wasn’t a good team player

  2. Ken says:

    Making up absurd answers to the location of the VP’s secretary when she was not at her desk.


  3. gilbert neal says:


    I was being disciplined for having a low margin at a sales job. The boss had these forms he needed to fill out, have you sign, and put in your file. So he pushed it across the desk for me to sign, and as i leaned forward, I let one rip. he then filled out ANOTHER form and handed it to me to sign.

    That same dude ended up getting fired, I hear, for something much worse.

  4. kim hawkins says:

    wearing red tights –many emails to the VP about my red tights –I quit the next day. “THEY’RE ARMANI!” I thought that was good enough I will quit any job that does not allow Armani in!!

  5. Jolene says:

    spitting in a coworker’s coffee cup

  6. Kelly says:

    Well I wasn’t exactly “diciplined” but I was “talked to” because I moved ahead with the next step in a project. The person in charge felt that by doing this I was demonstrating that I didn’t like that she was in charge!! WTH?? No…by doing this I was doing what needed to be done next to get the job done!!!

  7. Debi Wagner says:

    I got in trouble for reading on the job when I worked security. Funny thing, where I work now, the guard doesn’t even look up from laying his DS when someone walks in!

  8. Debi Wagner says:

    Yieks, that is playing his DS, not laying.

  9. Debi Wagner says:

    I give up.

  10. Joe says:

    I am a Fire Safety Inspector and charged by City Code to write citations for Fire Code Violations. I was written up for doing precisely this for a bar that was overcrowded with teenagers (teen night) My services were even requested by police officers that evening. Boss wrote me up for doing my job!! TURNS OUT THE BAR CLOSED FOR GOOD ANYWAY…I WIN!!

  11. gilbert neal says:

    Damn the man. Oh, were you in Rhode Island at the time?

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